[LIFE]: Catching Up With Cassidy – OCTOBER 2017

The last time I wrote one of these posts, it was almost the end of January! So it’s definitely been a while since I’ve caught you all up on what’s being going on in my life. I re-read that post to see what has changed since January, and I feel like a lot has changed, yet a lot is still the same if this makes sense? It reminds me of that saying that day to day everything seems the same but if you look back on your life everything has changed.




I’m approaching my 28th birthday next month. I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I have this horrible habit of constantly comparing myself to everyone around me and this leads to me sometimes wondering if I’ve done enough with my life so far? On the one hand while I don’t always feel adequate enough when I look at the amazing achievements my friends have added to their life stories, I also just have to remind myself that everything always happens in it’s right time. All the things I’ve been working for; praying for; wishing for, will come to me when it’s meant to be. Perhaps patience is a skill I need to work on? Those that know me though, know that I like to plan, and while I often come across with this cool, calm and collected attitude, inside it’s usually a storm especially if things don’t go as I plan. While these past few months have been tough, and grief was something I came to experience another 2 times since the last time I checked in with one of these posts, the small changes have to be acknowledged as well.




This being said though, I did say in my post in January that I wanted to grow in the work sphere of things and that has definitely happened. I also mentioned that travel will continue being a priority in my life and this had led to me saving each month (that means walking away from that fabulous handbag that I know would suit me so well; declining dinners with friends at fancy restaurants; deciding to rather stay at home on the weekends etc) to be able to go on a very exciting holiday next month, Bali! Ah this little mermaid is going to be in her ultimate element. I cannot wait to swim and explore every day!

 Thanks for reading my little rambles on what’s going on x


  • Simone Cameron

    Oh wow…Bali…. that’s going to be amazing!!

    I think we’re all guilty of that. I thought at 30 my life would be very different…I’m now mid 30’s and not financially where I want to be in life, but I have amazing kids and a great husband, so we celebrate the things we do have going for us.

  • Donae

    walking away from that handbag is going to be worth it when you are in Bali! I’m going in Dec so I know the saving-feeling!!

  • Camilla || Jane Wonder Blog

    Lovely post, Cass! You look gorge in the pics, your makeup is stunning!

    I know what you mean, every birthday brings along the “what have I achieved so far” question. Turning 30 was so tough for me because I assessed my 20s in its entirety – completely freaking myself out! What a silly waste of time. Took me a few weeks, but I realised how much I actually have grown in the last years – emotionally! It’s not all about career, love-life, whether you own a house, etc. I am so proud of myself with how far I have come in my mental health journey and, really, just how much I have grown up!

    Don’t discount yourself – you’re wonderful!

    ♡ Cammy • Jane Wonder Blog •

  • Michele

    I enjoy reading your posts. Your latest one reminded me of this quote: Keep going. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. I hope you have an amazing time in Bali! All the best!

  • Mariska Goussard

    I loved your post! I can relate so much to how you are feeling. Just know that you are doing amazingly well and if you wonder if you have achieved enough: we admire you so much, you are perfect, such a kind person and always an inspiration. I hope you have the best time ever in Bali (good for you for making saving a priority!) and I will be following you closely to catch all the amazing pictures. xx

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