[TRAVEL]: One Night in Sun City

Nestled in the North-West province of South Africa, is one of our countries treasured resorts, Sun City. A place that has it all, and is forever expanding and exceeding all expectations by going above and beyond. It’s a place that has created so many memories for me, my family and my friends.



I had the privileged of being invited to stay over for a night 2 weeks ago to experience the new Sun City, and was bursting with excitement to go! It was the first time I would be staying at the Cascades hotel, I’ve stayed at the Sun Vacation Club many times and have stayed at The Cabanas, so I was looking forward to trying a new hotel.

I brought my brother along to help with the photography and we knew as soon as we checked in, we would be hitting the pool. Our room was spacious, the beds were comfortable and the bathroom was gorgeous. The only gripe I have about the room was the lighting. It just felt so dark in the room all the time even when we switched on every lamp, also my fellow beauties will understand this, it was difficult applying my makeup for the evening in poor lighting.






Surrounded by cascades of waterfalls; beautiful pools and gorgeously green gardens, the Cascades hotel is situated right in the middle of Sun City.





When it come’s to the new Sun City, they’ve completely revamped and upgraded the Entertainment Center which is now called Sun Central . It is a world within a city. Between the Valley of Waves; the casino; the golf course; the kids entertainment; the restaurants; all sorts of adventures and the beautiful hotels, it’s a surprise around every corner.







Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to check out all the new elements that they’ve added to Sun City but you can bet I’ll be back there soon, I just can’t stay away for long from Sun City. A weekend there is calling my name.

Another cool fact, Sun City is ISO 14001 accredited for Environmental Management and with the recent changes that have been going on, they are going green in as many aspects as they can.


For accommodation, you can click here  and for more things to do, you can click here.

My goal one day is to stay at the Palace of the Lost City, is just looks like what dreams are made of.

Below are a few more photos from my stay and the #NewSunCity event.






Hope you enjoyed this post! I also have a fun vlog up on my YouTube from my Sun City stay. You can just click below!

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