[ECO]: Magaliesberg Canopy Tour

Ziplining Through Magaliesberg with Canopy Tours South Africa

Terrifying; exhilarating; exciting; adrenaline charging; electrifying; thrilling and most certainly
nerve racking are the adjectives I would use to describe the Canopy Tour I recently did in Magaliesberg, South Africa.
I thought I was going to be brave and wasn’t even nervous about it but once I got to the first platform, I thought to myself “What on earth did I sign myself up for”. 
Before I carry on babbling about my nerves, let me start from the beginning of my adventure. My brother and I drove to Magaliesberg and could not stop talking about how excited we were. Once we arrived at the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour, we were warmly greeted and went for a safety briefing. Every aspect of the tour was explained to us in detail and we were left feeling secure about our safely on the tour. While on the canopy tour, you are attached at all times, even while waiting on the platforms, and while you are zip lining, you are connected to 4 cables so there is zero chance of you falling. 
Once you are kitted up in your harnesses, you take a quick 4×4 ride to the 2,400 million year old Magaliesberg Mountain and traverse through the Ysterhout Kloof (the second oldest range in the world). There are 11 platforms and you zig zag through the gorge. 
After about the second zipline, I began to feel myself relax and appreciate the nature that I was observing. I took a moment to look around and even looked down, yes that’s right, I looked down. I definitely wasn’t as brave as my brother who pretty much wanted to go upside down he was having so much fun. 
Our guides were Richard and Lucky who were absolutely fantastic! Not only did they make you feel completely safe and reassure you with every line, but they encouraged you and supported you with each platform. Throughout the canopy tour, our wonderful guides taught us so much about the mountain; ecology; bird and animal life. It was great to learn about the eco system of the Magaliesberg Mountains and encourages you to be more eco-conscious! 
So what does one wear to a canopy tour? Comfy clothes (I chose leggings cause they the comfiest for me) and closed shoes (I wore my Nike trainers). Also, don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen as you are out there for about 2 hours in the sun!
Below are some photos of Ryan and I’s experience:

There are Canopy Tours at the following locations: 
The next one on my list? Magoesbaskloof as you get to go past 3 waterfalls! How cool is that!
You can find more information at Canopy Tour Website.
Here’s something exciting for those that are booking a tour in October – it’s the #Ispysomethingwild competition! You can click here for more information. Go and enter now πŸ˜› 
A big thank you to MCT Footage Production Crew for the photos; Canopy Tour SA and Magaliesberg Canopy Tour for the experience and Sparkling Waters Hotel for the accommodation (a review on the hotel will be up soon) and Skye for putting this all together! I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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