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[ECO]: 5 Ways To Incorporate Glass Everyday

Those that have read my blog for a while now, will know how much of a fan I am of glass. A material that is 100% recyclable is always in my good books.

Often I reuse glass jars for so many different reasons such as housing my makeup brush collection (priorities), and I especially love reusing coffee jars from a few brands as they are then usually different shapes.

I wanted to share 5 ways you can incorporate glass into your day to day life, read below for some easy tips.






1). Fill up your glass water bottle to keep you hydrated in the day.

Now I’m not sure about you, but I struggle to drink as much water in winter as I usually do in summer. I’m trying to be more conscious of that, so in the mornings I fill one of my Consol Grip & Go bottles before work( I even have a 1l one) to remind myself to stay hydrated. It’s also so much better than using a plastic bottle each time.

2). Collect jars to use as cocktail glasses.

Speaking of hydrating ๐Ÿ˜‰ , a cool element to having guests over is to make a little welcome cocktail in a hipster vibe glass jar. I think it looks even cooler when all the jars are different shapes and sizes.

3). Storage for your beauty products.

I use glass bottles and jars in my beauty section for cotton pads and to help store my makeup brushes. Glass just looks so elegant and it’s a great way to reuse glass in your everyday life.

4). ย Use as a vase

The simplest way of reusing glass, or incorporating more glass into your home is to reuse jars and bottles as vases. I love this decor element, and sometimes a simple flower in a bottle looks so pretty.

5). Get your DIY on

Now this is something I still need to try, but a cool DIY project is to make your own candles and use your glass jars, how awesome is that! I’m a sucker for a beautiful scented candle.

ps: you’ll see in my photos that Consol have brought out a cool double storage jar, perfect for picnics or when you’re out and about for the day.


For some more ideas and inspiration for incorporating more glass into your everyday life, pop over to the Consol website hereย 

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