By Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

[ECO]: 3 Things To Do Today To Be More Green

[ECO]: 3 Things To Do Today To Be More Green


Water is such a precious resource and if you’re not showering with a bucket, best you start today! Since the drought that occurred a few months ago in Gauteng, I’ve gotten into such a routine of showering with a bucket. I then reuse that water to flush my toilet. Since Cape Town is currently going through a terrible drought, it only makes sense to do everything we can to save every drop. Bucket, shower, collect water – done!


Glass is 100% recyclable! Looking to buy a new water bottle or maybe new containers for your kitchen? Choose glass! So much healthier for you and the planet.


You had to know that I would put this tip in as it’s one of my favs! Just start slow, separate your rubbish, find a glass bank near you or a paper recycling drop off. Find out if your complex/estate/ suburb has a recycling program and start getting into the routine of paper; glass; plastic; tin; waste.

Easy right? Start today!

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