[ECO]: 3 Easy Water Saving Tips

If you live in South Africa, actually pretty much anywhere in the world, you know that we have to play our part to save our most precious resource, water! As South Africa is currently going through a harsh drought that is affecting our economy and our beautiful land, my family and I have been trying our best efforts to save every drop we can!

Here are a few tips that we’ve implemented full time into our home:

Use a bucket when you shower! Place the bucket under your shower head while you wait for your water to heat up and then move it slightly to the side so you can step under the shower head. By doing this everyday, I save enough water for at least 2 toilet flushes. You use 9 litres of water per flush! That’s an extra 18 litres I save per day, 126 litres per week, just in my bathroom alone! ps: only flush when necessary!



⇒ Place a pail in your kitchen sink. We have a bucket in our kitchen sink that we use for rinsing dishes; washing hands etc. At the end of the day, this water is then thrown into the garden. It helps save water as you’re not constantly running the tap and any excess water goes straight to the garden then.


⇒ Bath time is a treat. You guys all know how much I love a luxurious bath. Well this is now a treat, as bathing uses so much more water than a quick shower, I now limit myself to one bath a week and quick showers for the rest of the time. This mermaid can now just sit in her bath with no water. PS: while showering, I switch off the water while washing my hair; shaving my legs; or lathering on some body wash.


Please, I urge you all to try save as much water as you can!

Go check out this post that has some more water saving tips!

Comment below with how you are trying to play your part for saving water.



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