[BEAUTY]: LUSH Beautiful Shower Gel

Peach and apricot, perfect scents for the beginning of spring here in South Africa. This luxurious shower gel, is like a little bottle of happiness during shower time. The blend of myrrh and peach combines the musk scent with the sweet fruit scent.

This shower gel from LUSH always reminds me of apricot jam whenever I squeeze a bit onto my loofah. It’s a gel yet has a creamy effect and leaves you with soft, sweetly scented skin. It even has gold shimmer in it – yay!

I bought my bottle online for R95.00 and you can get it hereΒ .

ps: like I mentioned in my latest YouTube video, I’m trying out all the different shower gels and creams to see which one is my favourite, which one is your favourite?



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