Since 2010 I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Zambia quite a few times *lucky girl*, and this trip was just as great as the others! The amount of wildlife I saw was unbelievable – so amazing! During this trip we even went further down the river (we also go to the lower Zambezi) and even spent the day in the National Park. I witnessed how the vegetation is completely different further down the river, so beautiful.
Here are a few photos from my trip – I hope you enjoy xXx
A few days before we arrived 2 hippos had fought over territory and one had died, on top of the bank is the hippo carcass which had been eaten by lions – the vultures were still circling when we came to look
Ah I love spotting crocs!

A beautiful Kingfisher that chilled near our boat, such stunning colours
A Baobab tree, one of my dad’s favourites

Nothing like a sunset on the Zambezi River
I love this rock formation

Yes, another croc pic πŸ˜‰

Is this not the most precious thing?
By the Chongwe River, one of my new fav spots

So amazing seeing the elephant and crocodile live peacefully together

I love being able to be so close to the wildlife

Shame this little guy was almost taken out by a croc


my favourite, favourite photo
Thanks for letting me share my wonderful time in Zambia with you – let me know your thoughts
The Glam Green Girl

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