ZAMBIA: April 2013

Easter Weekend spent on the Zambezi River

The view from my room
I was lucky enough to get to go to Zambia again for the Easter weekend with my family and family friends (who are practically my second family) and I had such an AMAZING time!
Each day we did something different which was so exciting, I even got to go in a helicopter!
I’ve mentioned before in my previous posts about Zambia (if you would like to read them, on the right hand side is a tab with my labels, click on Zambia/Zambezi River) how much I love going there, each time is a new adventure!
Those that follow me on instagram saw a few pics that I uploaded but I wanted to share some more with you ~ hope you enjoy!
A late afternoon of fishing resulted in capturing this beautiful sunset

I was thrilled to find out my dad had organised a helicopter ride along the Zambezi River up to the Kariba Dam wall to see the flood gates that they had opened

What an amazing opportunity to see the Kariba Lake and the Zambezi River from the air

A baby common egg eater snake – don’t worry, its not venomous πŸ™‚ 
Lunch at Gwabi River Lodge on the Kafue River – the Kafue River runs into the Zambezi River

Our lunch spot for the day, until we were chased away by elephants!
A beautiful water flower

Mr Elephant and his friends

It’s just a baby!

A sandbank party with some friends from Zim
So there you have it, some pics from my trip πŸ™‚
Have you been to Zambia?


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