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  1. prilene kistnasami says

    wow ! im loving this video. i love the HEAN Smoothing Make Up Base & the HEAN Glam Highlighting Powder in shade 204 Honey

  2. Shay Mohamed says

    Oh my word!!! The highlighting powder in Honey was simply amazing. The moment you put it in I noticed the glow. Stunning product.

  3. Simone says

    Oh wow…I really like the sound of the ‘make up base’/primer. And I definitely thought the highlighter was nice and subtle. Not too shimmery. Sometimes we don’t want to look like a unicorn farted on our face. lol

    The nude lipstick looks a bit more pink, but looks great on your lips. Lovely colour. Awesome giveaway 😉

  4. Tina Pieterse says

    How flawless is your skin!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I loved hearing your review of all of the products- I am particularly interested in the Makeup base, foundation and the Vitamin Cocktail lippie. I own a Highlighter powder and LOVE it!!!!

  5. Megan Hartwig says

    I am really excited and enjoyed hearing about the HEAN Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick-they look so creamy, soft and moisturising in your video 🙂 I am REALLY wanting a long lasting lipstick – So HEAN Vitamin Cocktail Intense Lipstick sounds like it is the answer – and believe you me, I have tried a multitude of lipsticks in my time!

  6. Julianne says

    I enjoyed your review on this : HEAN Glam Highlighting Powder in shade 204 Honey product the most 😀 Products look great and the giveaway looks awesome!!! x x Thanks for this!!

  7. Sara Nkoenyane says

    I love hearing about the HEAN Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick in shade 152 Nude!!! Amazing product ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. jade says

    I liked you’re take on the lightening powder it’s definitely something I’d be interested in getting for myself

  9. Cathy Badenhorst says

    loved the HEAN Smoothing Make Up Base – definitely a product I would love to try out, thanks for the great vid.

  10. Cathy Badenhorst says

    the HEAN Smoothing Make Up Base looks like a great product to try. thanks for the awesome vid.

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