[TRAVEL]: How To Become a Travel Blogger

When it comes to things I’m passionate about, I’m sure most of you would have gathered that travel is top of my list. It’s what I constantly save for; plan; dream about and try my hardest to make it happen. Even when it comes to writing my travel articles, I feel my writing style depicts that passion for travel through each word and description of what I experience.

Below I have a infographic that Travelstart have put together with some tips from other travel bloggers on how to become a travel blogger.  I always use Travelstart when I’m searching for prices for flights. Lately I keep checking flights to Cape Town in hopes I can pop down there soon.

I also wanted to share with you guys a few of my own tips:

• Be passionate about what you’re writing about. Go and research the place before hand, ask lots of questions when you’re there. Try find out as much information as possible. Your readers will appreciate the extra info.

• Travel doesn’t necessarily mean going to exotic destinations, local travel is just as exciting for me. Even day trips to areas near by are great to share with your readers.

• Include beautiful photos of the scenery; the accommodation; things that piqued your interest on your trip.

• Try adding handy information like what you would suggest to pack for that destination.


*This post is in collaboration with Travelstart

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