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My Top Travel Essentials

“Wanderlust” – a very strong desire or impulse to travel

I am utterly consumed by wanderlust, each day a new city; a new country; a new island is added to my bucket list. I am extremely blessed with the fact that I get to travel to Zambia quite a few times a year. Seeing as though I travel so often, I must say I’ve become a little bit of a pro when it comings to packing. However, sometimes my blondness gets to me and I might forget something and  when I’m in Zambia there aren’t many shops by the Zambezi River oops!

These are a few of my traveling essentials. Since I’m a sun loving summer baby, I usually travel somewhere that involves a river; beach or pool so my traveling essentials are all summer based.

1. Rayban Aviators (Polarized) from Sunglass Hut
2. Basil & Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent Body Lotion from The Victorian Garden
3. Fake Out Mascara from Physicians Formula
4. Tinted Mineral Moisturiser from Juice Beauty
5. Lemon Drop Lip Balm from EOS
6. Rose Water Hydrosol from Balm Balm
7. Sport SPF 40 Sunscreen from SunUmbra
8. Earphones from Forever New
9. Bikini from Roxstar

I’ve already reviewed the Basil & Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent Body Lotion; the Fake Out Mascara and the Sport SPF40 Sunscreen so here’s a bit more information on the other products I’ve mentioned as my travel essentials:

Polarized Rayban Aviators from Sunglass Hut

For Christmas 2012, I got my first pair of Raybans and was immediately hooked. I knew I couldn’t go back to my cheap sunnies after being spoilt by the amazing Rayban lenses. Unfortunately in December 2013 while I was in Kariba, a wave pretty much stole them off my face haha! I got money for Christmas 2013 and decided to wait for the Sunglass Hut sale. I managed to get these babies for a really great price, they are polarized and they can fold up into half of the shape so they are perfect for traveling! Also, the aviator shape is so classic so I know these will never go out of style. I love my Rayban Aviators! 
EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm 

A friend of mine went to Au Pair in America and when she returned and was unpacking her bag I totally freaked out because I saw she had some EOS lip balms with her. She very kindly gave me the Lemon Drop one and I am completely obsessed with it! I use it all day, before I go to gym, when I wake up, before I go to bed, it’s pretty much with me all the time. What’s so great about this one is that it has SPF 15 in it so it’s perfect for being outdoors. I will be doing a full review on the EOS lip balms soon!

Earphones from Forever New

Can we just take a minute and admire how beautiful these earphones are? My brother’s girlfriend bought these beauties for me for Christmas and I still to this day can’t get over how fabulous they are! I love listening to music on long journey’s so these are perfect for keeping me glam while I travel!

Rose Water Hydrosol from Balm Balm

This product is pretty much the holy grail of travel products for me! Yes, I am that serious! I decant this product into a travel approved sized bottle and carry it in my hand luggage. I always feel like my skin gets so dry on the plane so I spritz this during and after my flight and it keeps my skin hydrated and fresh. I also like to spray it after a long day in the sun as it is invigorating and helps lock the nutrients in my skin. It’s also a dual purpose product as it can be used to remove those last traces of make up and as a toner!

USA flag bikini from Roxstar

As I mentioned, I’m 99% of the time near water so a bikini is a staple in my travel wardrobe. I got this at the end of last year and I love love love this bikini! I’m pretty much obsessed with bikini’s so I buy them quite often and therefore get to  pack quite a few each time I travel. I have a few ‘safe’ bikinis that I always pack and then often a few of my new ones. But seriously, how cute is this bikini?
A travel tip that I’ve recently learn’t from my mom is, always carry a face cloth in your hand bag or hand luggage when you travel. Often when you stop at restrooms, there aren’t paper towels etc so its great to keep one in your bag in a plastic bag for clean dry hands!
What are some of your travel essentials? Any that I mentioned?


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