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[TRAVEL]: 5 Nights in Zambia August 2017

When it comes to Zambia, many of you know that it holds a special place in my heart. I’ve met some incredible people there; made lifelong friendships and have treasured moments with my family there. My dad was born in Zimbabwe so his passion for the Zambezi River has always been strong, this constant need to be near the mighty Zambezi was definitely passed down to me and whatever chance we get, we are there!

It had been a while since I had been down to the lower Zambezi (we always travel to the Zambian side of it) so I was bursting with excitement to go (you can read about my last trip here) . The past few months have been tough, but I knew that once I reached the water, I would feel peace.




We stayed at our usual accommodation, Gwabi River Lodge, which has recently had some renovations and is looking great. We spent five nights there but never had any late nights (we usually party up a storm there) as we were all so exhausted from the non-stop fishing all day.

ps: we always practice “catch and release” and wherever we stop off for lunch, we leave it as if we had never been there.

Can you believe that even though I’ve been to Zambia so many times, I still haven’t been up North to the Victoria Falls, it’s definitely on my bucket list though!

Below are some more photos as well as the link to my latest video on YouTube which is a summarised version of the trip.










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