[TRAVEL]: 2 Nights in Reunion Island

Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, in the south-west of the beautiful Indian Ocean, is the exotic destination Reunion Island. A location with so much to offer, so much to please the eye and so much to create ever-lasting memories.

A short flight from Johannesburg, just under 4 hours ( we flew via Air Austral which is the French airline of the Indian Ocean that served the best airline food I’ve ever had), you can find yourself on an island that has an impressive variety of landscapes, giving you the ability to see it all and jam pack some exciting activities all over the incredible island.


With a rich and diverse history that was shaped by people from all over the world, namely Africa; Europe; Madagascar and Asia, resulting in the island’s “Creolisation” and leading to the very fitting name of Reunion Island, this destination is called home for over 840 000 people.

So what was I doing in Reunion Island? Well, I was generously flown to the gorgeous tropical island which even has a volcano to celebrate the launch of a makeup collection from one of my favourite brands, The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and collection!


What’s better than celebrating a super hot and highly anticipated product to be launched than on a tropical island with a volcano?

The volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise (which means the ” Peak of the furnace” ) and which is locally known as le Volcan, is actually one of the most active volcanoes in the world at the moment! It’s even erupted a few times this year. Unfortunately due to a topical storm, we didn’t get to see the volcano. However, we took a helicopter trip around the island and got to see the majestic mountains; beautiful coastline and everything that the island offers. Watch my video to see what we got to view on our helicopter trip, as well as our hilarious reaction when the pilot decided to give us a bit of a thrill!



Our accommodation for the two nights we were there, was an absolute dream come true. I’ve always wanted to stay at a LUX* resort and I got to call that 5 star baby my home for 2 blissful sleeps.

LUX* Saint Gilles, is an elegant beach resort that boasts exclusive views of the coral-sheltered lagoon at L’Hermitage. It has a Creole atmosphere but with a modern twist to it, keeping up with design standards yet still remaining true to the Island’s vast heritage. I stayed in a gorgeous room that opened up into the lush surrounding gardens.






My number one reason to go LUX* ? They ‘ Tread Lightly‘ which means that offset 100% of the carbon emitted during your stay! How incredible is that! The LUX* group has a Green Committee that tries to constantly think of new and innovative ways to leave a lighter carbon footprint.

Another reason to go LUX* and one that I thought was super cute and sentimental, is the Tree of Wishes. You tie a ribbon with a message on around a branch of the tree and maybe, hopefully, your wish will come true.




The food was absolutely divine, it was the first time I had tried palm heart salad as well as toothfish. I love trying new foods at different places I visit. There are 3 restaurants to choose from at the resort to eat at, and even a snack bar. There’s also a gorgeous bar over looking the pool (one of the largest swimming one on the whole island).

Below are a few more of my photos from my magical stay at LUX* Saint Gilles.
















Apart from ticking off another destination off my bucket list, I also got to meet an incredible group of inspiring ladies! Big loves to you all!

I would go back to Reunion Island in a heart beat, in fact, can we leave right now? It’s perfect for families; honeymoon couples or even for a solo trip. Traveling is such an amazing life experience, which is why I save when I can as I’m always planning my next trip. I feel like there’s still so much I still want to see in Reunion Island which is why I would definitely go back.

A BIG merci to the following for making this fantastic experience a reality: The Urban Decay South African Team; 4Elements Media; Go To Reunion SA and of course LUX* Saint Gilles. 

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