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[TRAVEL]: 2 Nights At Hotel Verde, Cape Town

Hotel Verde


Located 400m from the Cape Town International Airport, Hotel Verde is not only conveniently located but it’s Africa’s greenest hotel. How amazing is that? A hotel that offers you a 100% carbon-neutral stay in a modern and stylish setting is a total winner in my opinion.


Hello Cape Town


I first heard about Hotel Verde when it first opened up a few years ago. I had been dying to stay there but my trips to Cape Town where so limited that I didn’t have a chance.  I was incredibly lucky to be invited to come and see it for myself.

Just a little FYI: I used my Discovery Vitality discount to book a flight via kulula and that extra 20% saving helped a great deal!

Why I’m Such A Fan


Let me get to the juicy bit about why exactly I was so excited to stay at this hotel. First of all, did you know that Hotel Verde Cape Town was the first hotel in Africa to offer carbon-neutral accommodation and conferencing? Before I get into all of their impressive stats, I wanted to let you know what I personally enjoyed about my stay.

As soon as you step into the 4 Star hotel, you get a sense that it’s modern and stylish, meaning they are able to keep the image glam and green. While there are gentle reminders everywhere to be eco-conscious, Hotel Verde doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable that you might not be the greenest person on earth. I love how they encourage you to take the stairs instead of the lift; to re-use your towel; to be conscious of your energy usage. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the signs everywhere though. I wish more hotels would do it.

The staff were all so friendly and accommodating, including letting us order room service the one night as were just too tired and too lazy lounging on the comfy beds in the rooms. The food is so delicious and beautifully presented. I highly recommend the fruit platter and the cheese platter to snack on. For your main meal, the seafood risotto is mouth-watering delicious! Plus, you can enjoy some of Cape Town’s finest wines along with your meal.





What Makes Hotel Verde So Green?

You can check out all of their impressive stats over here but these are some of the things that stood out the most for me while I stayed there.

Three wind turbines (vertical axis)

Energy-generating gym equipment

All lights are energy-efficient LEDs

Lifts use regenerative braking on “light” travel cycles, saving 30% of the energy it would normally use. Guests can generate power for the building by taking the stairs up and taking the lift down.

Building design optimised using a building energy model

All waste sorted on site and, where possible, recycled

Food waste composted or fed to our worm farm and goes back into the ecosystem.

Eco-friendly stationery, recycled paper, carbon-neutral printer

Chalkboards to eliminate the need for energy or paper use

Avanti programme to empower, educate and train employees through awareness and event participation.









From previous blog posts like this one, you will know that I always try my best to save water when possible. Here are some of the ways that Hotel Verde is water-wise:

Grey-water recycling system saves an average of 6 000 litres a day.

The dual flush toilets supplied with biologically recycled grey water from showers and baths.

Rainwater is collected to feed the hotel’s water-saving drip irrigation system.

Low-flow fittings on all taps and shower heads.

Landscapes irrigated with non-potable water.



Some More Eco Facts


The natural vegetation adjacent to Hotel Verde Cape Town is Cape lowland freshwater wetlands. You can even stroll around them. Thanks to Hotel Verde stepping in and taking over the area, the wetland is thriving. It now boasts more than 100 types of indigenous and endemic, water-wise vegetation, an eco-trail, eco-pool, outdoor gym and two beehives, housing over 60 000 Cape honey bees.




Overall Thoughts


While the location of the hotel is convenient, if you want to head to the beaches etc on the Camps Bay side it is quite far. However, the hotel does offer a free shuttle midday to the V&A Waterfront which is super helpful. There is also a free shuttle to and from the airport.

Hotel Verde is currently having a weekend special where you can book a standard room for 2 guests for R1045.00. For more of their rates and the different rooms they offer, pop over to this link.

Did you know that Hotel Verde has also opened up in Zanzibar? How amazing is that? It’s on my bucket list!



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