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An Update on The Cove
When the movie ‘The Cove’ came out I was apprehensive about watching it, but the one day I was at home and it came on one of the movie channels so I thought I should just see what its all about… my heart broke, the tears flowed and I could not get over the little humanity those people who so cruelly killed those innocent animals had.
I straight away signed the petition, I informed my friends and family about it and urged them to sign the petition and spread the word about the what was happening in the small town of Taiji, Japan in a small cove.
I follow “The Cove’s” social media accounts and when I saw they had posted this photo below, I was so happy!
So from 2000 dolphins to 800 (which is still a terrible number) – a round of high fives to everyone that has been a part of trying to stop this tragedy that occurs annually in Taiji.
I’ve always loved dolphins – maybe it’s because I feel I should have been a mermaid. When I was 8 years old we had to do a project on our favourite animal ~ naturally I chose the dolphin. I think that’s another reason why I was so affected by the movie.

I cant even post the photos of what happens at Taiji as they are just too disturbing – but if you want to know more about what The Cove is about click here for the website.
I wear this dolphin link on my nomination bracelet as a way of support *and because I love them*

Who could ever harm such beautiful creatures?
Friends, please sign the petition – every bit of effort helps!!!!
The Glam Green Girl


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