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    Some Glam and Green facts on recycling

    Recycling is one of the easiest ways (and one of my personal favorites) to becoming green. Here are some facts  about the products that people are recycling. Paper Paper can decompose in under five months, but not if it’s a plastic bag! if its inside a bag it  won’t decompose for at least twenty years. Don’t try and recycle anything with food or oil on it–not only is it not recyclable but it can render the other paper products around it unusable as well! So this includes used napkins which many think can be recycled as paper. Wet paper is also unrecyclable. This is because the wet paper fibers are shorter and…

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    Recycling 101

    Recycling is the system of collecting; sorting and reprocessing old material into usuable raw materials. This is the internationally recognised symbol for recycling. It stand for 3 elements in the recycling process. COLLECTION —> MANUFACTURE —> RESALE —> Why should we recycle? well firstly, the earths resources are not going to last forever. Every day people throw away bags and bags of rubbish that gets thrown into landfills,most of the rubbish that gets thrown into these landfills can be recycled. Instead it gets placed into a landfill and doesnt ever degrade. It takes decades before the land can be used as anything, then it has limited uses. When we put a reusable…


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