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    [BEAUTY]: SOiL Vitamin E Oil Review & Giveaway

    Did you know that Vitamin E is often called the “skin vitamin”? This is because it has not only anti-oxidant properties but also anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Making it a natural favourite for skin care products thanks to its natural preserving ability. What is Vitamin E Oil and What Can It Be Used For? Vitamn E Oil is a fat-soluble compound that is found in certain plant oils. It is both a nutrient as well as an anti-oxidant and is best known to protect the body from free radicals. It is applied topically to the skin and is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. Vitamin E Oil…

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    [BEAUTY]: Skin Creamery Facial Cleanser & Oil

    Locally grown ingredients; locally sourced packaging and locally produced. That’s the basis of what makes Skin Creamery just that extra bit cooler in my books. Made from organic ingredients, these ethically produced products are versatile in the way they care for skin. I’ve heard so much about the Everyday Body & Face cream that contains coconut; jojoba and baobab oils – I’m adding it to my sopping cart to keep my skin mositurised this winter (ps: you can get it here). I was sent the Cleansing Facial Powder and the Facial Hydrating Oil  (both available from Faithful-To-Nature and from Skin Creamery). The packaging instantly caught my attention – simple, minimalistic, and made from…

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    [BEAUTY]: Summer Hair Care

    Products I’m Currently Using This Summer Summer time for me, means spending most of my days in the swimming pool pretending to be a mermaid, or frolicking in the waves of the ocean if I’m lucky enough to be at the coast during the festive season.  While I will always love being in the water, the chlorine from swimming pools and the salt from the ocean, takes a toll on your hair.  Needless to say, my usual OCD routine with my hair care has cranked up another notch to stop my hair from drying out. This means I’m switching between different hair masks and have been doing oil treatments more…


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