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    [EVENT]: Planting in Thembisa

    Onion Planting in Thembisa with I’MPossible    On Thursday the 30th of April, I joined the I’MPossible crew to plant some onions for the Thembisa community. We demonstrated how you can plant vegetables even if you don’t have a garden by reusing mealie meal bags! We also got to help the community harvest the cabbage and spinach they had already grown.   You can read more about what my ambassadorship with I’MPossible here. I’m so looking forward to the next projects we’ll be doing, I’m make sure to keep you all in the loop! I’ll also let you know when the episodes air in Tshwane TV!   Here are…

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    [NOTE]: I’MPossible Ambassador

    Exciting Announcement   I’m thrilled to announce that I am now a I’MPossible ambassador! So what is I’MPossible? Well they do what their slogan says, “make things possible”! They partner with different companies to try and help those that are disadvantaged, for example, they work with the ACFS (African Children Feeding Scheme) – an organisation that focuses on educating and feeding children in different communities.   Through working with I’MPossible I will be able to go after the projects that I’ve started working on with much more force. As you know, trees in Zambia and the Platbos Forest are very important to me as well as the Elephant Orphanage in Zambia…

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    [NOTE]: Earth Day 2015

    22 April 2015 – Earth Day     On Wednesday the 22nd of April, it’s Earth Day. A day dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues!   Here are a few of my easy tip on how to celebrate Earth Day:   ♥ Plant a tree! Why not in the beautiful Platbos Forest? ps: check out this post on why I have a special place in my heart for this Forest   ♥ Recycle, Reuse & Reduce   ♥ Switch off unnecessary lights and appliances and unplug your charges from the wall sockets!   ♥ Try save water whenever you can, here is a post with some great water saving tips…


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