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    [VIDEO]: New Years Eve Look

    Gold Make Up Look for New Years Eve So 2015 is coming to an end – can you believe it?  On Wednesday I’m heading to St Francis (I’ve never been there) for 3 nights to celebrate New Years Eve with some friends. I wanted to do a beachy, golden look for my New Years Eve make up – my way of embracing the summer glow! Here are a list of the products I used:  Catrice Prime & Fine Anti-Red Bases LA Girl Pro Prep Primer NYX Stay Matte Not Flat NYX Parisican Chic (gold shade) LA Girl Nudes Palettte (the last shade) Dr Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner in Black  Catrice Eyeliner…

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    [REVIEW]: Dr Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner

    Black Kajal Eyeliner from Dr Hauschka Eyeliner is every girl’s best friend and I don’t go a day without wearing it. I always wear it on my top lash line and for nights out I use it on my lower lashes. Dr Hauschka has amazing natural make up and this eyeliner fits right into that category. The Kajal Eyeliner from Dr Hauschka comes in both brown and black. It sweeps easily onto your eyelids and stays on throughout the day. It’s made from plant waxes and oil which help care for delicate eye areas. It’s also made from Witch Hazel and Black Tea Extracts which create a soothing effect and which…

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    [REVIEW]: Dr Hauschka Med Cream

    Acute Care Potentilla from Dr Hauschka Med Around April/May, I started to notice a few bumps on my forearm, sort of like tiny whiteheads. I didn’t think anything of it until a few weeks later when it started itching; going red and broke out in sort of a rash. I tweeted this picture (gross I know) to ask some of my followers if they had any idea what it was? I’m still not 100% sure if it is eczema or a stress spot but I had tried all sorts of natural remedies to try soothe my skin.   About 6 weeks after I post that photo, I got a press drop from Dr Hauschka telling…


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