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[STYLE]: T-Shirt For Change – FEARLESS

Imagine wearing a comfy t-shirt and knowing that you’re donating to a good cause? Well, that’s the idea behind T-Shirts for Change. A locally run company that donates R100.00 per t-shirt sold to charity. How awesome is that? Plus, since it’s locally made, you’re playing your part in helping small local businesses which means your clothing has a lower carbon footprint.


I first heard about this company when they launched their “Feminist” t-shirt which donates to the Frida Hartley Women’s Shelter. Since then, it has grown to donate to more charities and their apparel range has extended.

One of the charities that T-Shirt For Change donates to with their “Fearless” shirts is the Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue of South Africa.

As soon as I saw this was launched, I ordered one of their vests to show my support. Nicole, from Tshirts For Change also kindly sent me one of the t-shirts as well. Those that follow me on Instagram would have by now seen how much my 2 Yorkies mean to me which is why I thoroughly support this cause.



The Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue of South Africa is a dog shelter for small to midsize dogs based in Johannesburg, they do essential work in rescuing small breeds from puppy mills and rehoming abandoned and abused dogs.

While we got Phoebe, our little teacup Yorkie,  8 years ago from a breeder and Pedro is from a family friend, if we ever got more dogs again, I would without a doubt adopt from a shelter. My heart absolutely breaks each time I think of those poor babies without a home. Basically, if I could have my way, I’d live on a big farm, adopt them all and surround them with such love.


If you’d like to support this cause, you can pop over to this link to get a cool t-shirt that you know is for a worthy cause. Do you own any t-shirts from T-shirts For Change?


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