STYLE: Mid-Season Mono

Outfit Post
Hi friends!
So the past few weeks the weather here in Pretoria has been up and down, between being so hot and thinking summer is on it’s way to receiving the cold fronts from Cape Town sometimes you never know what to wear. 2 weeks ago I attended the Trinket Trove Designer Arm Launch event and had no idea what the weather would be like.
Black and white is one of my favourite combinations. I have so much black clothing and I’m trying to start incorporating white into my summer closet so I thought why not create a monochrome look? My hat was a winter staple of mine and I’m glad I’ll be transitioning it into my summer wardrobe as I just love it!


Hat: Milady’s
Top: Woolworths
Pants: China Town in Joburg
Shoes: Woolworths
Handbag: The Hub (cute gift from my grandmother!)
Necklace: Dutch Gold Coin
Bracelets: collection from over the years
Rings: Lovisa
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx


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