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[STYLE]: Boody Bamboo Eco Wear

I first heard about Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear from the seriously cool Aléz who writes the eco blog called Toofufu . Now without sounding like a total creeper, I’m a little obsessed with Aléz and all that she does, she has such a creative edge on everything and writes about brilliant subjects. Her photos are also so gorge. Seriously, go check out her blog! 

Anyway, enough fan girling, lets get back to chatting about bamboo. Before I give you the facts on bamboo and it’s sustainability factors, I have to mention just how comfortable it is! Silky; light and so soft on your skin, it’s a dream wearing bamboo fabric! It’s also thermo-regulating and anti-static.



I bought the leggings previously from Boody and then I was lucky enough to win a voucher after entering one of their competitions so I opted to get the Scoop Top in Black (R389.95) and the Everyday socks in Black (R109.95) as well. Eco-fashion for the win! These babies even came with on my trip to Underberg and needless to say I made my friends all feel how soft the fabric is. 

So why is using Bamboo as fabric so cool? Well it can grow in just about any soil or climate, it only takes 3-4 months for it’s first growth season and produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees. The fabric is softer than cotton; quick drying and water wicking. 

Bamboo as a whole is renewable; eco-friendly; sustainable; helps control soil erosion and reduces carbon dioxide.



Head to the Boody Wear website to see what other products they have as well as learning more about their process.

Hands up for wearing bamboo!

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