Stay Glam and Green with Balm Balm

100% Natural Organic Skincare
Balm Balm, does the name not just give you a little bit of happiness? Well the cute name is the first bit of joy these products bring, they are ultra Glam and Green because they are 100% ORGANIC & 100% NATURAL
Balm Balm was founded in 2005 by Glenda Taylor, an aromatherapist; perfumer and natural formulation consultant. It is a UK company and was recentely launched here in South Africa a few months ago. Balm Balm is a family company and run with pure passion for all things good.
Balm Balm are certified by the Soil Association, which means that they have their ingredients and manufacturing process chain examined and verified each year, as well as their product batches adn traces of each batch of all orders are tracked.
The Soil Association is a membership charity that campaigns for planet-friendly food and farming. They believe in the connection between soil; food; the health of people and the health of the planet. This explains why in 2007, Balm Balm won The Soil Association’s Organic industry award for Best Organic Beauty and Bodycare product.
I recentely tested out some Balm Balm products, thanks to the fab Susan Rowan who heads up Balm Balm in South Africa, and boy-oh-boy am I a believer! 24 hours after I used the Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm,  my feet were still soft and smooth! This excited me because its so great to see products that are glam as well as green!
A few more facts on why Balm Balm is Glam and Green:
  • Their packaging is made from completely recyclable material
  • Balm Balm prints their packaging with organic ink
  • Tea Tree Oil: effective against bacteria, viruses & fungi ~ keeping you healthy
  • Rose Geranium: antiseptic properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns, wounds & other skin problems. It also helps to clear sluggish & oily skins
  • Use the Fragrance Free Lip Balm or Face Balm as an eye lash conditioner or eye cream
  • Note the bunny symbol on the packaging: this means that Balm Balm are 100% against animal testing
..and that is why Balm Balm is Glam and Green!
The Glam Green Girl


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