Spier – Glam and Green

The Glam and Green Spier Wine Farm
A few weeks ago before my move back to Pretoria, my mom and I decided to have lunch at Eight, a restuarant at the Spier Wine Farm – turned out to be a glam and green lunch -YAY for The Glam Green Girl πŸ˜‰
Their menu is on a chalk board as it changes everyday – so they saving paper! Its all wholesome, healthy and tasty food that they serve. They don’t serve juices that come from cans or bottles like coke but rather make fruit juices, iced teas, coffees etc. Even the glasses that your drinks are served in are made from recycled glass!
Even in the bathrooms, they remind you to help conserve water – if you go on their website www.spier.co.za they have a link to their sustainability programme – so many wonderful things they are doing!
In the upcoming photos, you will see a ‘jungle gym’ similar to the one I photographed for my post Stunning Sunday Snaps about Franschoek and Tokara

So if you are ever in the Stellenbosch, Western Cape area – I would suggest a weekend lunch that you know will be Glam and Green at Spier Wine Farm
The Glam Green Girl

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