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Spa- Valous Soy Cosmetic Massage Candles

A candle that’s natural and has many purposes? I’ll take one please!
Let me introduce you to the Spa-Valous Soy Cosmetic Massage Candle.

This candle, made from Soy wax has four uses:
1) as a body moisturiser
2) a massage oil
3) first aid ointment
4) aromatherapy candle
This wax melts at only 2’C above normal body temperatures so that’s why you can use it as  indicated. Its beneficial for your skin because of the Vitamin E and Shea Butter, as well as Lecithin that is extracted from the soy bean. These three ingredients help with skin ailments for example: eczema, sunburns, cuts, cracked heels, insect bites and any areas of dry skin.
Who is like me and loves a candle-lit bubble bath? For me its the perfect way to end the day. That’s why I’m fan of these candles – I light one while I’m bathing and then use it as my moisturiser. It works so well to hydrate your skin, especially now during winter. You can either use it straight after extinguishing the candle as a body oil or allow it to cool so you can use it as a cream. You and your bathroom smells amazing afterwards!

I even love the packaging this product comes in. The box can always be re-used for gifts and the candle jar can be used for jewellery, make up brushes, as a small vase, lipstick holder.. there are endless ways to reuse it
Have any of you tried the Spa-Valous massage candle?
The Glam Green Girl
ps: I’ll be posting a review on Tip Top nail polish, which is Spa-Valous’s sister company soon – toxin free nail polish, very glam and green

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