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  1. wrecylce says

    Very informative post. Glass can be recycled but is very difficult to collect, sort and prepare for processing. for example most curbside programs take glass. But since its single stream a lot of the glass gets contaminated with paper etc. This creates problems for the sorting technology. Then when you add the liquid that is still in many of the bottles it becomes even stickier. It's a tricky little piece of material. Recycling programs have to do a better job of educating the public.

  2. Jen Schmitt says

    Hi Cassidy,

    Thanks for sharing. Of note, when glass is recyled it gets heated to about 1000 degrees F, so any paper or other residue burns off. So wrecycle's comments are bit off-target. In fact, here's a great video on how glass is recycled.

    Our bottles are made with a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled glass with zero plastic. As our founder and artist has been working in glass in 30+ years, so I wanted to help clear it up!

    Thanks again!
    Jenny Schmitt
    BottlesUp Glass

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