REVIEW: Trio Bath Salts

Trio Bath Salts from Hey Gorgeous

I had been wanting to try out some Hey Gorgeous products for a while, especially after all the great things Bronwyn from Mother City Mom had to say. So when I was buying products from my Birthday Hamper, I thought I would buy something for myself too! I finally decided on the Trio Bath Salts after reading their description “Trio bath salts are perfect for tired, achey muscles, made with black, pink and yellow organic salts, blended for their theraputic and 
healing properties.”

What I love about Hey Gorgeous is that they are use natural and organic ingredients, and their products are free from parabens, SLS, artifical colouring and fragrances or anything harmful. They are also handmade and can be altered to your specifications!
Here’s what I thought:
ü The smell, one word to describe it? “Fresh”
ü  I used these bath salts after a yoga session and
felt invigorated afterwards
üIt’s made from natural ingredients such as sea
salt; Charcoal salts; Himalaya Pink Salt; Organic Salt Crystals; Epsom Salts
and Essential Oils
ü I love the different layers from the different ingredients
The cap doesn’t work properly for the salts, I
had to unscrew the whole cap to get some of the product out (see pic below)
The charcoal salt left my bath in a black mess.
Plus, because of the essentails oils, it made black marks on my body
Next on my list to try from Hey Gorgeous is their Vanilla Body Mousse, how divine does that sound?
To see what products they have, check out their brochure or follow them on twitter
Which Hey Gorgeous products have you tried out?

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