[REVIEW]: Label.M Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Mermaid vibes calls for mermaid hair, or as I sometimes like to call it “Serena Van Der Woodsen” hair. How do I achieve that? Let me introduce you to Sea Salt Spray.
This Sea Salt Spray from label.m helps create loose, natural, beachy waves with a tousled look. It gives your hair a matte look which I prefer to the sticky shiny look that some mousses give you when you’re trying to create easy waves.
This product even includes Environshield Complex which helps protect hair against heat styling tools and UV rays.
My favourite way to use this protect is to allow my hair to air dry after washing it and then spraying into my hair and scrunching it with my hands (I like to use my hands instead of a diffuser for this look). What I enjoy about this product, apart from the beachy waves it creates, is that I don’t need to use heat on my hair which in the end benefits my hair.
Label.m is an environmentally concerned company and is cruelty free, plus all their packaging is recyclable.  
This spray retails for R265.00 and is available from Splush or you can contact Hair Cair Distributors for more info.
Have you used a sea salt spray before? Should I do a YouTube tutorial featuring this spray?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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