[REVIEW]: Instant Firming Beauty Shot

Instant Firming Beauty Shot by REN
 I’m going to be honest with you, REN never ceases to amaze me. Each of their products that I’ve tried, I’ve just loved. Enough gushing though and let me tell you more about the latest REN product I tested recently.

When it comes to the Instant Firming Beauty Shot I can’t actually tell you if it’s the effect or the scent of this product that I love most! It has a sweet rose scent (rose is one of my favourite scents) that makes you just want to use it all over your body! The scent fades though when you apply it to your skin but once it’s applied to your skin, that’s when the magic happens.

When applied to your skin it really is an instant firming beauty shot! It’s a gel-like serum and you only need about 2 drops. I think 2 drops is adequate as then it absorbs into your skin quicker. To me, my skin instantly feels firmer which is always a plus when you didn’t get enough sleep. You apply it under your moisturiser and can even use it as a pick me up for you skin during the day by lightly patting it over your make-up. I sometimes you it in the mornings and at night, depending if my skin needs an extra pick me up.

This little miracle in a bottle helps to plump your skin and leaves it looking smoother and tighter! I’ve really enjoyed using this product and by only using a little bit, it should last quite a while!


 This product retails for R475.00 and can be found here.

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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