[REVIEW]: Illuminating Skin Finish – Vita Liberata

Organic Illuminating Skin Finish Cream in Latte Light from Vita Liberata

Tanned skin without sun exposure is vital for youthful looking skin, but it is also great to have a glow all year round. I’m often outdoors and while I love being outside, I always protect my face no matter what. This often leads me to having a paler face compared to the rest of my body (which is also always slathered in sunscreen). 
Vita Liberata is an organic luxury self-tan brand that offers spray tans and tanning products for at home. I went for one of these spray tans last year and it looked amazing but their is a certain ingredient in self tan that I’m allergic too and I broke out in a rash. I’ve tested out a few self tan products and I have the same reaction πŸ™ 
When I received this BB cream, I was nervous that it would have the same reaction on my face that most self tanners have on my body. I applied a small amount on the inside of my arm to test for an allergic reaction and am happy to report that after applying it a few times to my face, I’ve haven’t reacted badly to it! 
This BB Cream can even be applied to arms, neck and decollete area to enhance that summer glow. It gives a soft, dewy finish to you skin but doesn’t offer that much coverage. That being said, while attending pool parties and summer nights out, you don’t really want to be wearing a cake face of make up so it’s perfect to give you that summer glow. It even contains small shimmer particles which help ‘capture the light’.

Another bonus with this BB cream is that it has SPF 25! 
Use a small amount and remember to blend, blend, blend!
This product retails for R825.00 (hefty price tag, I know!) and can be bought online here – Faithful-To-Nature also stocks Vita Liberata products and are currently having a sale on some! 
Have you tried this luxury organic self tan brand?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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