REVIEW: Fake Out Mascara

Fake Out Mascara from Physicians Formula

A few weeks ago I posted my review on the Organic Wear 2 in 1 Bronzer & Blush that I had bought as well as this mascara which was on special at Dis-Chem (I got 2 for 1 yay) and I’ve been testing it out the for over a month now. 

At first I wasn’t such a fan, I didn’t find it to be that impressive and was a bit disappointed after reading so many reviews. But then I read that you should wait for the coats to dry before applying another coat (unlike normal mascara where you should avoid letting the coats dry before applying another coat as this usually creates lumps). So I tried this new way and found that when I applied a few coats (usually about 3 or 4), I got more volume and a better effect. 

What did impress me with this mascara, was that it was so easy to remove! I hate washing my face and half of my mascara is left running down my face (as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I love lots of mascara) – this mascara is easily washed off which means it scores some serious points in my books!

I had to get used to this large brush, but it helps with creating volume – plus, this brush is recyclable which is fantastic!
A few more reasons why this mascara is Green and Glam:
100% free of synthetic solvents
It has organic orange water which is extracted from orange fruits to hydrate and moisturise
100% natural biopolymers which is derived from nature to provide clump-fee lashes
100% natural preservatives which reduces the risk of irritation
Organic beeswax to provide buildable formula
100% natural rice protein & tapioca starch to naturally boost volume
100% free of petroleum By Products; Parabens; GMO’s & Synthetic fragrances

Read here to find out why I am a fan of the Organic Wear range from Physicians Formula.

What products have you tried from the Organic Wear range?


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