REVIEW: Esse Refining Cleanser

New Product from Esse

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using this Refining Cleanser from Esse for the past few weeks and I have really been enjoying it! I’m a big fan of Esse because they are a certified organic; Trade Fair; Vegan and Cruelty Free brand and I love all their products that I’ve used so far such as the Eye Make Up Remover and the Gel Cleanser. Here’s some more information on this new cleanser from Esse:
– It’s a light foaming clay that detoxifies your skin while cleansing it
– It’s made from bentonite clay that gently exfoliates your skin
– It also contains Kalahari Melon Oil which adds Omega 6 essential fatty acids to your skin
Here’s my personal opinion on the product:
– When I first tried it, I wasn’t expecting it to be so thick. It felt more like a mask than a cleanser but after I used it a few times I got used to the thick consistency.
– It’s a very gentle exfoliator but I only exfoliate about once a week so I use this product about every 2 or 3 nights. Also, with the change of season I’ve been suffering from dry skin and the bentonite clay I find dries out my skin a bit so that’s why I alternate between cleansers (I think if you have oily skin, it would be perfect to use daily).
– This product is great for those “lazy” days when you just want to use minimal products in your skincare routine. Some nights I remove my eye make-up; use this cleanser and then use a serum – easy peasy in 3 steps!
This cleanser retails at R190 for 150ml and you can check out the esse website for stockists.
Have you used any Esse products before? What’s your favourite?


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