REVIEW: Dr Hauschka Facial

A Divine Dr Hauschka Facial

Last week I was treated to an amazing facial by Samantha Westlake-Bown, from the Dr Hauschka team. But instead of me trying to explain everything, I asked Samantha to send me the low down of the process she used while spoiling me with a wonderful experience (see my response in italic black)
Facial Process:
·         Applied fragrant Lavender compresses(Dr.Hauschka compresses soaked in Dr.Hauschka Lavender bath) to the face and décolleté to prepare the face for its first cleanse. These compresses smelt amazing, the lavender totally relaxed me in preparation of my facial

·         Removed makeup using the cleansing lotion and Dr.Hauschka Sponges moving from the center of the face outwards to work with the direction of lymphatic flow. Dr Hauschka believes in stimulating the lymphatic flow of the face (see below for more information)

·         Applied more fragrant lavender bath compresses to prepare the face for a deep cleanse. Divine!

·         Cleansed the face using Dr.Hauschka cleansing cream to gently cleanse, fortify and exfoliate the skin whilst not disturbing your protective hydo-lipid layer. Non foaming to avoid stripping the skin of important oils. Dr Hauschka doesn’t believe in exfoliating the skin, as you remove not only old skin cells but damage the new “baby” skin cells which can lead to pigmentation.

·         Gently steamed the face using a hand held steamer containing facial steam bath to open the pores whilst softening blackheads and impurities. Since it was a small hand held steamer, it wasn’t too harsh on my skin.

·         After steaming we apply the cleansing clay mask to draw all impurities out of the pores and skin and bind to dirt particles on the skins surface-this mask is left on for 5-10 minutes depending on skin condition. Samantha used this mask to gently remove dead skin cells, instead of harshly scrubbing it away.

·         After removing clay mask we commence with Lymph stimulation-Using soft Dr.Hauschka Lymph stimulation brushes the skin is gently and effectively stroked and massaged to stimulate the wafer thin lymph capillaries. This helps remove metabolic waste and excess fluid found in the face whilst allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients to penetrate your cells, leaving your tissues purified and detoxified. This stimulates your bodies self cleansing powers gently and in an unobtrusive or abrasive manner. I was fascinated by this process! I’ve even begun to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin using this method – work from the center of your face outwards eg: from your nose to your cheeks.
·         After this a treatment mask is applied to the skin. This mask is chosen specifically to suit your skin condition at present and helps the skin to adjust to changing environmental conditions and external stresses. The 4 types are soothing mask, moisturizing mask, rejuvenating mask and firming mask. It provides the skin with specific concentrated ingredients to help heal, nourish and revitalise the skin. Samantha applied the rejuvenating mask to my skin
·         While this mask is on the face the décolleté area is gently massaged using specific soft Dr.Hauschka techniques. One of the Dr.Hauschka indulgent body oils are used for this-lemon lemongrass, rose, blackthorn, moor lavender, almond stjons wort, or birch arnica body oils. The lemon-lemongrass oil was used to massage my decollete area, the scent is so invigorating!

·         To complete the facial we use fragrant infused compresses of lemon bath to take you out of your slumber. This fragrance really does revitalise you and gives you a “wake up” – I loved it!

·         Followed by toner and one of the day creams. Read my review on these two products here

If you are in the Gauteng area and you are interested in treating yourself to a Dr Hauschka facial – let me know and I’ll put you in contact with Samantha!


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