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Detox Bath Salts from Essentially Tessa

Since spring had started – I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle –  I’ve changed my eating habits, began exercising more, in an attempt in wanting to be a healthier person. I spoke to Tessa from Essentially Tessa about my lifestyle change and she suggested I use some detox bath salts that would help me in the process of becoming a healthier little lady.

Here’s some information from Tessa about the salts:

By producing copious perspiration, my DETOX
AROMA BATH CRYSTAL formulation is one of the most effective methods of
eliminating metabolic wastes through the surface of the skin. Therefore it is
also excellent to ward off cold and flu symptoms; it opens the sinuses and
eases muscular aches and pains including painful menstruation.

The crystals relieve pain by drawing acidic
wastes (mainly uric acid) from the muscles and joints therefore it is also
highly beneficial to sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis.
But my crystals have proven that it goes
far beyond the chemical detoxification. From an energetic point of view, the
addition of magnesium sulfate dissolved in a body of water creates a static,
unified, electrical field. While you relax for 20 minutes or more in the body
of water you neutralize excess electrical charges in the body, thus creating a
magnetic balance. In practice this means that my bath crystals can counter the
effects of low-level radiation, such as VDU stress or jet lag.
Furthermore the sea salts I have added
-(yes you do not have to go the Dead Sea to experience the amazing  curative effects of the water – you can
purchase it in one container)- contain the same elements as blood plasma, that
is: sodium, potassium and chloride, which is excellent for the skin. My detox
aroma crystal formulation is rich in minerals such as sulphur, bromine, iodine,
magnesium, calcium and of course the all important sodium. Do not use soap
during the bath as this interferes with the beneficial action of the salts.
To make my Bath Aroma Detox exclusively
unique I have added a blend of aroma oils. This is not for the purpose of
absorption of the beneficial elements of the oils; it is for the stimulating
effect of the oils on the body. The aroma  oils will further encourage  the perspiration therefore assist the body in
the elimination process while leaving the skin soft and well protected against harmful
invasion of bacteria.

How often should you use the Detox Aroma
Bath Crystals?

Use the bath crystals at least once a week,
you will sleep deeply after the treatment and feel refreshed apart from losing
a kg or 2 during the process. Remember it is water only, but water full of
potential harmful metabolic waste.
Warning: do not use the bath crystals if
you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or any illness related to kidney
disease.” – Tessa Biagio, Essentially Tessa


I love a detox bath after a hectic gym session – sweat baby sweat! I try use these bath salts at least once a week but never more than twice a week. It truly is a sweat session of note and you feel tired afterwards, but the next morning you will wake up with so much energy!
Remember to drink water before, during and after your bath to stay hydrated!

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