REVIEW: Blendbox


A few weeks ago I received a beautiful parcel from the lovely Miemie with these amazing Blendbox products. Blendbox was started after 16 years of blending essential oils for therapeutic purposes.  All of Blendbox’s products are focused on a holistic philopsophy and blend a selection of essential oils with Grape Seed, Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel oils.
My thoughts on the products I tried:
The Hatchling Hand Cream is blended with Mandarin Oil, a scent I had to become used to but now it stays right next to my bed and I look forward to pampering my hands with it every night. 
The Firm Body Butter is great to use at night as it’s quite thick, but it has a subtle scent so if you use it all over your body, it doesn’t overpower you.
 I still need to try the Soap (I hate having half used soaps lying around so I rather finish one before I use another)
I also still need to burn my Blendbox candle! 

The Calm Body Scrub is amazing! One of the main essential oils in this scrub is lavender oil which leaves you feeling relaxed once you’ve stepped out the shower with you soft and polished skin. I love using this product before I go to an event or before a night out as the oils are so soaked up by your skin after using the gentle scrub.
Last but not least, my favourite product – the Calm Room & Pillow Spray! I spray this every night in my room and over my bed as the smell is just divine! It completely relaxes me and I would walk around spraying everywhere I went if I could haha.
All of the Blendbox products are made with love; essential oils and there are definitely no nasty ingredients in them! For more information, follow Blendbox on twitter 
What Blendbox products have you tried?


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