[REVIEW]: Babor HY-ÖL & Pyotoactive Cleansing

Combination Cleanser from Babor

When it comes to my evening routine of cleansing my skin, I’ve always been a fan of using either an oil or balm type of cleanser. My worst is cleansers that ‘strip’ my skin so that’s why oil based cleansers are my favourite as I am left with hydrated skin before climbing into bed.
I’m a huge fan of the Babor brand that is cruelty free and utterly luxurious. You can read my thoughts on their face mask here  and on their eye cream here.
Let’s chat about this cleansing duo, it’s the Cleansing Hy-ÖL and Cleansing Phytoactive Base.  It’s a two step process but deeply cleanses your skin but is gentle and leaves it hydrated.
There are 4 Phytoactive formulas so you will find one suitable for your skin type. This cleansing duo combines the natural cleansing power of water and oil which cleanses thoroughly and effectively yet is still gentle on your skin. 
The Hy-ÖL contains natural oils derived from soybeans, sesame and groundnuts and is preservative free. It’s great for removing make-up! The Phytoatcive Base contains herbals essences of mint, birch and rosemary which invigorates and leaves the skin feeling fresh.
So how do you use this two step cleansing process? 
First apply the Hy-ÖL to your skin (without any added moisture), this removes impurities and makeup, then apply the appropriate Phytoactive solution and rinse off with cool water. 

Prices: Hy-ÖL R422 for 200ml & Phytoactive Base R341 for 100ml
Both available from Babor’s online store
What type of cleanser is your favourite?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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