REVIEW: AYA Cosmetics – Lipsticks

Bare Basics Lipstick Collection by AYA Cosmetics

I was thrilled when Elizabeth, CEO of AYA Cosmetics, emailed me to say she had come across my blog and loved it! I was even more thrilled when she asked if I was willing to test out some of her lipsticks from her newly launched range!
I had never tested ‘natural’ lipsticks as I find natural make up to be so expensive ( I prefer saving that money for natural skincare) but imagine my delight when I found out how reasonably priced these lipsticks were – its about $16.95 (Australian Dollars) so when I worked it out at the current exchange rate of $1=R9.24, these beauties sell for about R157. Not too bad right?
{Let me tell you why they are worth it}
From the Glam side: 
they are creamy; the colour lasts and they have a subtle sweet scent
From the Green side:
They are vegan; lead-free; cruelty-free; packaged in all recyclable materials – “Our products are made without nasty additives: parabens, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. We also avoid compromising the environment by using packaging derived from post-consumer, recycled and bio-degradable materials. This means that all of our packaging is eco-friendly – from the sleekly designed box containing the product, to the packing and wrapping materials used for its delivery to your doorstep.” AYA website
The Colours:
1. The Particular Pink is perfect for when Im having one of my Barbie days πŸ˜‰ 
2. The Just Peachy is great when you want to add a bit of colour, I love that its not to orange, not too pink but the perfect shade of peach.
3 .The In The Buff shade is what I was mostly complimented on, perhaps as it is closest to my natural shade 
4. The Naturally Nude is great for when you want to focus on your eyes, example: if you are rocking the smokey eye look
Thank you so much Elizabeth for letting me test out these great shades!
If you are interested in them – check out the AYA Cosmetics website to see how you can get your hands on these Glam and Green lipsticks!
Aaaaand I’m just too excited not to share this with you – I will be running a giveaway where you could win your own Bare Basics Lipstick from AYA Cosmetics in May! Look out for that exciting competition soon!


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