[NOTE]: I’MPossible Ambassador

Exciting Announcement
I’m thrilled to announce that I am now a I’MPossible ambassador! So what is I’MPossible? Well they do what their slogan says, “make things possible”! They partner with different companies to try and help those that are disadvantaged, for example, they work with the ACFS (African Children Feeding Scheme) – an organisation that focuses on educating and feeding children in different communities.
Through working with I’MPossible I will be able to go after the projects that I’ve started working on with much more force. As you know, trees in Zambia and the Platbos Forest are very important to me as well as the Elephant Orphanage in Zambia so I will be able to use I’MPossible as a platform to work more with these organisations. I also cannot wait to start on some new projects that will help spread the word of going green!
Yesterday we planted some vegetables at a school in Naledi, Soweto and gave monthly food packages to the families of the community. We also filmed a segment explaining what we were planting to help inform the communities on planting vegetables. This will be aired on Tshwane TV (DSTV channel 262) but I will hopefully be able to share the episodes on my YouTube Channel.

Here are some photos from yesterdays event:


 I’m so looking forward to haring more exciting projects with you!
Thank you all for your support!

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx


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