NOTE: Day 59 of 365

Chapter 2
Day 59

Hi my lovelies,
I received such positive feedback from my first post of the “Day xx of 365” series I started last month when I published my Day 31 of 365 post – thank you all so much. It’s definitely made me want to continue this series.
Anyways moving on, as I mentioned in my Day 31 of 365 post – this series is about reflecting back on the past month. Seeing as though February was only 28 days, it felt like it flew by!
I will 100% honest with you, February was a very hard month for me but I also accomplished a lot which is what these posts are really about, stop dwelling on the bad and think about all the good that has came about in one month.
I went through a lot of emotional drama this month but it was an issue that I needed to deal with and I said what I needed to say. I also had to say goodbye to one of my beloved dogs who was fighting with my other female dog. It was a hard decision but my family and I agreed that we would rather want to two happy dogs living apart then having them fight all the time. I love my dogs so much so I’ve been very heart sore but I know its best! I’m even sad just typing this πŸ™ I would like to say a very BIG thank you to everyone that helped during this difficult time – you know who you are and you know how much it means to me!
Penelope, my baby xXx
But even though February had some tough times, I’ve managed to accomplish some of my goals. I’ve been working hard at the gym more and have surprisingly enough, been loving it! I also went after one of my dreams, something I will hopefully be able to reveal to you soon! I had always wanted to do it and I’m so glad I have!
One of my highlights from this month was an amazing photo shoot I did with the very talented Zenia from Zenia Smit Photography – you can check out her facebook page for some of the pics. Should I upload some of them? 
So yes, I am definitely looking forward to March, there are so many exciting events lined up for me and I can’t wait to tackle them all! 
How was your month? Did you achieve one of your goals? Any highlights of Feb?


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