Miss Earth: Updates & Thank You’s

What I’ve Been Busy With, Plus a Few Thank You’s

Hi everyone!
Wow, what a crazy 10 weeks it’s been! I’ve loved every minute though! Felt so good doing what I’m passionate about! 
I wanted to share with you some of the projects that I did during the semi-finals of Miss Earth South Africa – most of you have been keeping up with all my events via my personal twitter and Instagram accounts but here are a few links to what I’ve been up to lately:
One of my first projects as a semi-finalist was to attend a hospital drive in Soweto for the Easter weekend but I was away with family and friends in Zambia so I decided to hand out Easter eggs to some of the kids along the Zambezi River, you can read more about that here.
Next up, I planted a small vegetable garden at a nursery school in Pretoria. I had such a great day with the kids, they were all so cute and so eager to learn! You can read more about that here.
From the beginning of my Miss Earth journey, I mentioned that I would be collecting gently used clothing and non-perishable food for the Jacaranda Children’s Home. I also got a few of my beauty blogging friends to donate some of their beauty products that they weren’t using. I was so overwhelmed with all that I received! One whole room in my house was filled with donations! Here is the link for that project
I live in a beautiful estate in Pretoria that even has a game reserve in the one section so I knew when I had to my tree planting, I wanted to do it close to home. Have a look at this post to see what this area is all about. 
As my last project as a semi-finalist, I donated food; blankets and jackets to the SPCA in Watloo, Pretoria. I’m a huge animal lover and it was important to me to make sure the animals had blankets and food to keep them happy during the winter. Here is where you can read more. 
And now for the acknowledgments of donations:
Main Sponsor: 
Jesper Kjøller from Ess-Foods
Jacaranda Children’s Home Donations:
Sylvia Taylor-Memmory
Irina Domanchuk
Verushka Ramasami
Ali Graaff
Hildegarde Koen
Chicara Joubert
Mairi Yates
Heidi Taylor
Alyssa Koorts
Vegetable Garden Donations:
Dolores Grundlingh
Tree Planting Donation:
Jesper Kjøller from Ess-Foods
SPCA Donations:
Alyssa Koorts
Chicara Joubert & Family
Dolores Grundlingh
Stationery Packs:
Dolores Grundlingh
Hessian Bag Sales:
Sylvia Taylor-Memmory
Dicky Bosma
Amy Giliam 
Caron Giliam
Anne Giliam
Dolores Grundlingh
A very BIG Thank You to you all! You son’t know how much I appreciate all the wonderful donations!
Another big Thank You goes to each and everyone of you that has been supporting me every step of the way! You are the BEST!

Here are some photos from the events:

You all rock my world and thank you for allowing me the opportunity of spreading the green love 
Love always, The Glam Green Girl xXx


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