Miss Earth: Project Update [May 2014]

What I’m Currently Busy With For Miss Earth South Africa

Hi friends!
So many of you have so generously asked how you can help support me on my journey as a Miss Earth South Africa semi-finalist and I’m so grateful to you all! As you know, being able to educate & inform others on how to go green is a passion of mine so I’m ecstatic to be involved in the Miss Earth SA program!
Before I carry on, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to say to ESS Foods for their amazing donation towards my green journey as an environmental advocate! You guys are the best!
Here are the projects and fund raisers I’m currently busy with and I would so appreciate your help in any way possible:
© For the month of May & June: I’m collecting gently used clothing for the Jacaranda Children’s home (a NPO that looks after the welfare of abused children) in Pretoria and have collected quite a lot of clothing and some of my beauty blogging friends have donated some of their gently used beauty products. Unfortunately, the government has cut their funding and they are in desperate need of food! Please can you donate, even if it’s just one tin of soup – it will make a difference!
© For the month of May & June: I will be collecting pet food that will be donated to the SPCA in Pretoria. The SPCA is an amazing NPO organisation that is dedicated to animal welfare. Since winter is coming up, any spare old blankets would also be greatly appreciated! Knowing that an animal will fall asleep in a warm blanket with a full tummy is so wonderful to know! Please let’s help out as much as we can!
© I will be donating 10 Staedtler Stationery Packs for the 2015 Stationery Drive. If you would like to donate to this project, each pack costs only R37.99
© On the 24th of May, myself and my fellow Miss Earth SA contestants will be at the Bloubos Spruit in Johannesburg cleaning up litter and alien vegetation – if you would like to join, let me know!
© On the 28th of May I will be hosting my first Miss Earth event at the Pixie Land nursery School in Pretoria. I will be teaching the kids how to grow a vegetable garden and will even be planting some trees with them. I’m so excited to educate the youth on how important it is to look after our environment and to spread the Miss Earth LOVE! If you would like to donate to this event or to come support, please contact me.
© As part of the Miss Earth SA campaign, I will be selling the following (see pictures below):
Consol Grip & Go Water Bottles – R30 each
Miss Earth Hessian Bags – R100

Thank you so much to everyone for all the amazing messages of support I receive, I so appreciate it! Being involved in the Miss Earth program has been a dream of mine so I greatly appreciate all of your support and donations ~ Thank You!
Love always, The Glam Green Girl xXx


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