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[LIFESTYLE]: SoyLites Candles

Soy Candles from Local Brand, SoyLites

Does anyone else find lighting a candle just changes the ambiance of a room? It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to always have a candle burning when I’m writing or blogging. I usually have one burning on the weekend when I do most of my blog work or sometimes during the evening when I have a deadline. It just completely lifts the room and makes me feel so calm.

While I have an ever growing collection of candles (seriously the best present to give as well), SoyLites were kind enough to send me a lovely package that included a few of their products. Today’s post will focus on the 3 candles that I’ve enjoyed the most lately.


 SoyLites was started in 2007 and base their business approach on being as eco-conscious as possible. Pure soy wax is completely natural without any synthetic additives or petroleum materials such as paraffin wax and this is what their candles are all about. Plus they emit no toxic fumes while burning.

My Thoughts on The Candles

The SoyLites are beautifully packaged in unique glass and tin packaging. Their tin candles are from their travel range. I love that they’ve made it so practical to travel with. Often I kick myself for not packing a candle as I so enjoy having one in the room while I’m just chilling or if I’m reviewing a place. I actually packed the Maxi Tranquility With Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium and Orange candle for our girls trip to Whispering Pines.

This candle was so delightful to burn while I was chilling in the room, and I’ll definitely pack it for my upcoming trips. It’s described as an “earthy, exotic blend that promotes sensitivity, insight, wisdom and peace”.

It’s available here for R210.00


I’ve also really enjoyed burning the Energising candle while I work. Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Ginger and a cooling scent with stimulating undertones of fresh mint helps you have renewed energy for a positive day

This candle is R85.00 and is available here.

While the Maxi Travel Candle is great for relaxing while you’re away, and the Energising candle is perfect for work sessions, the Coconut candle is more of a social candle. With a sharp but refreshing blend of orange blossoms and delicious grapefruit and then the soft scent of Neroli, this candle is great to burn when having friends over.

Available in an amber or clear glass jar with a tin lid here for R160.00


What’s Special About SoyLites?

Apart from their delectable scents and their beautiful packaging, the use of soy as a wax is not only better for the environment but is fabulous for your skin. Once the candle has been burning for a bit, it will create a small pool of oil. This oil can then be applied as a body oil, or even used for body massages. It melts at low temperatures so it’s sade for your skin. The nourishing warm oil is rich in vitamin E and lecithin and is easily absorbed with many benefits for the skin. Did you know that Soybean oil is full of fatty acids known as lecithin, which is key to maintaining and restoring the balance of healthy skin? It is also full of anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, which helps to even out skin tone and improve the texture of the skin.

There are so many that I plan on buying soon. They all sound amazing! Which scent would you want to try most?


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