[LIFESTYLE]: Adulting With Car Insurance 101

Hands up if you’re like me and completely switch off as soon as someone mentions car insurance quotes or the exact amount they are paying instead of their first car insurance quote? It’s not because I’m completely ignorant of it but it has more to do with the fact that I’m not really sure with what exactly car insurance quotes entail.

So I’m going to break it down into some facts so you can learn a bit more about car insurance like I did.


Car Insurance Basics:

• We all know that a car is probably one of the most expensive things we own, or are slowly trying to pay off, so why not look after your baby as much as you can. Car insurance helps protect you financially from the costs of damages to or caused by your car.

• The day you drive your car off the sales floor, it immediately depreciates in value. King Price Insurance offers insurance that decreases each month as the value of your car depreciates. Plus the more cars you cover with King Price Insurance, the more discounts you’ll be offered.

• You can choose the kind of cover you want – either comprehensive car insurance; Third Party, fire & theft insurance or third party car insurance. You can read more about these over here.



*Disclaimer: please note this post is in collaboration with King Price Insurance*

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