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  1. Karl says

    I’ve had my i3 for a year and in in love. It’s a rex which has the range extender. Electric cars are coming big time… So it’s not going to be a matter of choice. VW the largest automotive maker in the world says by 2025 they will only be making electric cars. Wake up South Africa let’s get renewable power in the ground and bypass legacy Eskom tech.

    • Cassidy says

      Yes yes yes! Love this! That new BMW ix3 just looks absolutely amazing – very excited about what future SA can have with EVs we just need to step up our game. Typing this while there is currently load shedding hahah.

  2. Diana Studer says

    Waiting on City of Cape Town approval, for photovoltaic panels. Hope to get them installed in January.
    We can go off-grid when there is water in our rain tanks – but that pump, also needs electricity.

  3. Steve Davies says

    Like Diana, I’m another Capetonian with an i3. I bought a 2015 model 6 months ago. So it has the original smaller battery and can travel about 130km on a charge.

    For my use that means 2 charges a week.

    I do have solar at my house so I’m able to do my weekend charging off the panels. My office is at Black River Park that has an enormous solar install but right now the landlords are just making positive noises about a charger but didn’t actually do anything yet.

    My range makes my car impractical for going out of greater Cape Town, but newer ones can ceriainly be used for longer trips since fast chargers are popping up all over thanks to Gridcars and others.

    I personally am looking forward to VW bringing us the ID3 – that vehicle seems to carry the i3 DNA forward.

    • Cassidy says

      Thanks so much for sharing with me Steve! So cool that you can charge it at home with your solar panels! Ooooh definitely going to go look into the ID3!

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