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[LIFE]: Flying Into The New Year

Flying Into 2019


It’s 2019! Happy New Year beautiful people. So cliche I know, but I can’t believe it’s already the second week of 2019! These past few days have honestly just flown by. I worked through December so I feel like I haven’t even stopped for a moment. I did really have a lovely Christmas and New Years with my family though, so feeling grateful about that.






I’m not that big into making a whole bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I know deep down I won’t keep. So I try to make a few goals for myself but this year I’ve decided to write them down so that I’m more accountable for them. I have a few goals that are more personal and then goals that I can work on in my everyday life.

Before looking ahead, I think it’s important to reflect on the year that has past. I remember 2017 ending and being so grateful it was over. I had so much grief and I just couldn’t get through it. 2018 came around and even though it was a hard year for most people (judging from posts on social media about they felt about the year), it was a good one for myself.

There were, of course, hard moments, life is always about ups and downs but maybe 2017 taught me to focus on the good more than the bad. Two of my main highlights of the year that stand out to me the most are that I moved into my own place (those that are close to me know what a big deal this was for me) and I achieved my goal of a bucket list country I’ve always wanted to see, Greece. You can view my posts on my trip here (Part 1; Part 2 & Part 3).




Twenty Shineteen

So what do some of my goals for 2019 entail? One of them is to paint more. I can honestly get lost in my painting and I really want to dedicate more time to it this year. Another reason, other than using it to relax, is that I have some blank walls that need some artwork ASAP. Good enough reason right?

I want to take more time out to read. Whenever I have a free moment I’m usually scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, when I could be reading a few pages. I’ve also gotten into a terrible habit of playing on my phone before I go to sleep. With all the studies about how light affects your sleep, I should be more aware of my phone usage but I’m totally addicted. So I want to start reading before bed to break this habit.

To be more conscious of my health – mental and physical. I know everyone has the “lose weight, go to gym” resolutions but I just want to look after myself better. So more green juices; more water; fewer chocolates (booooo); getting into more of a gym routine. Nothing that I feel I can’t maintain. So not a diet, just small lifestyle changes that will make a difference with how I feel about my body. This links to my mental health as well. Feeling better about myself leads me to feel good in general, and we all know how important mental health is.

Less waste. I obviously try and be as conscious as possible when it comes to my lifestyle but I want to make even more of an effort. So that means having reusable bags in my car at all times. Having a reusable coffee cup handy. I always say no to straws so I’m good at that one.



Random Goals

Those are my main goals. I have some personal goals as well as some random goals. My parents live at a golf estate and I can’t hit a golf ball to save my life so this year I need to go to the driving range at least once. I want to do a Parkrun, and by Parkrun I mean just walk 5kms but at least I can say I’ve done it.

What would my goals be without a travel goal πŸ˜‰ I have a few trips lined up my sleeve so I need to save money for those. Visas costs kill me so I need to save specifically for those alone haha.





My Wishes

My wish for you and for myself this year is to SHINE. I hope it’s one of the best years yet for you all! I have a really good feeling about this year and hopefully, these good vibes translate into something magical!

Love to you all xXx

ps: this shoot was done when I did the Urban Decay Born To Run shoot in September and I was waiting for the perfect blog post to upload them. Photos are by the talented Shoot The Moon , the stunning bouquet is by Cachet Creative and the dress is by Belle Of The Ball .

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