[LIFE]: Catching Up With Cassidy – OCTOBER 2016

It’s the last day of October, and boy was it a busy month! I got a great response from my September post of Catching Up With Cassidy so I’ve been looking forward to writing a new post for you guys.

Where to start? Well, how about a super exciting event that’s taking place in November? No, I’m not talking about my birthday that’s on the 6th (which I’m so excited for), but the momentous celebration of my best friend marrying her prince charming! You’ll have seen quite a few photos of her on social media and we always have the most glamorous time together no matter what! October was filled with wedding celebrations as we had her bridal shower at the beginning of the month and then her bachelorette this past weekend. It’s been so special to celebrate every moment with her. Now it’s the countdown to the wedding!




What am I currently reading? You won’t believe it but I finally finished “Kind of Cruel” by Sophie Hannah. It took me ages as this thriller had quite a few characters and I would often get confused by the different detectives but towards the end I got more into it.  This book is about a woman who has repressed her memories of a weird family event that took place over Christmas, an event that holds many answers to two separate murders.

While I was in Spain, I wanted to take a book with me but wasn’t too keen on taking “Kind of Cruel”  so I packed “Fool Me Once” by Harlan Coben. This was much more of an easier read and gripped me from the beginning. Maya, a former special ops pilot witnesses her husbands murder. A few days later he shows up on her nanny cam! This book has some good twists at the end and it was easy to identify with Maya’s feelings throughout the book. A great read for these summer holidays.

I’ve currently just started “Without A Trace” by Lesley Pearse. It’s the first Pearse book I’ve read and while I’ve only just started, this book is different to the other books I’ve read the past few months. It’s set in 1953 and while it is a thriller (I pretty much only read thrillers), this seems like it will be more of a heart-warming read.

What are you currently reading?


Travel plans? Unfortunately none at the moment, Spain drained my bank account as well as my leave but I’m hoping to pop down to the coast somewhere for New Years Eve weekend. Do you have any suggestions for me? Where are you guys off to these holidays?

I shot these photos with Warren from Warroll Photography a while ago, and they were mean’t for a style post but I loved the portraits he captured so decided to use them for this post instead.

I’ve got a few giveaways coming up in November on the blog so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for checking in and catching up with me!




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