[LIFE]: 29 Random Fun Facts To Celebrate my 29th Birthday

Celebrating 29 Years

My birthday, basically my favorite day of the year. Christmas is a close second. 29 years ago, little old CassiCass was born! Obviously, next year is a big birthday for me and I’ll be making a list of 30 things I want to do before 30. I thought that for this year’s birthday I would share 29 random facts about myself.

ps: I wrote this post on 20 random facts on me about 4 years ago.





29 Random Facts About Me


  1. I was baptized with the second name, Catherine, but it’s not on my birth certificate because my parents had to decide on the day of my baptism as the priest didn’t like my first name.
  2. My favourite colours are blue and red. I think this links to my cool yet sometimes heated personality.
  3. I’m tall, as in 1.78m tall, yet the shortest when it comes to my cousins.
  4. Chocolate is my weakness. Not even a joke. It’s pretty serious. I need help.
  5. I’ve broken 2 bones, my wrist and my ankle.
  6. I wanted to become a marine biologist but I didn’t end up taking biology or science in high school.
  7. However, I dreamt of being a singer or a fashion designer (I wanted to move to Milan).
  8. I’m scared of bats yet my favorite superhero is Batman. Weird, I know. Also, bats always fly into my room, even when I’m staying at a hotel.
  9. I have two Yorkies, Phoebe (a teacup one with the biggest personality) and Pedro (a miniature with the biggest heart).
  10. I’ve been to 18 countries (and I plan on traveling a whole lot more in the next few years).
  11. My grandparents on my mom’s side emigrated to South Africa from Holland about 60 years ago.
  12. My dad is from Zimbabwe.
  13. My natural hair colour is a mousy brown/dark blonde.
  14. Blake Lively is my icon.
  15. I have a younger brother who I’m very close to. He’s in his sixth year of studying medicine.
  16. One of my best friends, Keri, and I constantly get confused as being twins. I even respond to her name now when someone calls us. The teachers in high school couldn’t tell us apart.
  17. I lived in Cape Town for about 9 months while interning at O, The Oprah Magazine in the beauty department. This led to my love for beauty products as well as my love for Cape Town.
  18. I don’t eat beetroot, I only have it in a juice.
  19. Beyonce is queen
  20. I’m allergic to Litchis.
  21.  And Bee Stings
  22. and Morphine.
  23. I’ve had 4 surgeries, my last one was at the beginning of last year.
  24. Gossip Girl and Friends are my all-time favourite TV shows.
  25. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
  26. I got my belly ring when I finished primary school (what a rebel haha) and I’ve still got it.
  27. My favourite type of music is reggaeton
  28. Apparently, I’m really good at accents
  29. The Cure is my favourite band – “Just Like Heaven” is my top song







Birthday Gratitude

I feel so blessed to celebrate another year of life. I treasure each moment and each memory. Thank you for all being a part of my journey.

Lots of love to you all xXx

Photography by: Shoot The Moon

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