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The easiest way to freshen up your place is to paint an interior wall. My favourite way to do this is to add a new vibrant colour as a statement wall. Below I’ll give you some tips on painting a statement wall as well as show you my before and after pics.

Before You Start Painting

Before I made my way to Builders Warehouse to pick up my paint supplies, I asked you guys on Instagram what colour you thought I should paint my one wall and there were some awesome suggestions! You can click here to watch my instatories and see the lists.

The section I wanted to paint is light but it’s at the top of my staircase which is very dark. So as much as I wanted to paint it an Emerald Green or Navy Blue, I had to think about the lighting situation. We all know I’m a huge fan of blush, but I wanted something that was more a dusty pink/purple.

There’s a huge selection of colours at Builders Warehouse, so the hardest thing to do is to actually choose a shade. It can actually be a bit overwhelming but you’ll definitely find something you love. The staff is helpful in guiding you to what you need to buy to complete your project. I bought a small tin of the colour I chose; a paint tray and roller plus a small brush. I wish I had bought a smaller brush though as I struggled with painting the edges neatly but these are things you learn along the way.


Before you start painting, it’s highly recommended that you wash the walls first with sugar soap. As my place is brand new, there wasn’t a need for this. But if you have a wall that needs some fixing up, you need to do that first to ensure the paint goes on smoothly. I used masking tape along the edges of the wall and put newspaper down on the floor.

Start along the edges first. This is where I wished I had bought a smaller brush but it was my first time painting a wall so at least I know for the next time. Then paint the wall using your roller. Another tip is to paint in a W shape to make sure its evenly covered.

Before & After

I’m so happy with how it has turned out, it just adds that pop to this area. I’m now feeling more confident that if I want to change up an area, I can add a fresh coat of paint. Thank you to Builders Warehouse for the paint and supplies.

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