Glam and Green Autumn Care – Part 2

Part 2 on how to take care of your skin and body in Autumn

Carrying on from my previous post – Glam and Green Autumn Care – Part 1 – Part 2 will have Sue Rowan from Balm Balm and Indie Lee from Indie Lee Co share what they believe you should know in order to take care of your skin in Autumn
Hope you all enjoy and can relate to the information presented

 Sue Rowan from Balm Balm shares her Autumn care tips and recommends products for you to try:


Water can sometimes have
a drying effect on your skin, so long, hot showers and baths may dry your skin
out even more in the cold winter months. 
Use an Oil Spray in the shower while your pores are open and your skin
is wet.  This light oil emulsion will
keep the healthy natural oils locked in and won’t dry your skin out.  Spray it into a bath as well and swirl around
for a soft, non-oily bath.  It will also
save you time in the morning by cutting out the need for a body moisturiser. 

This spray is light
enough for those summer or autumn months when you don’t necessarily need a
heavy moisturiser just yet.  You can use
it once or twice a day on wet or dry skin. 
In the evening, if you feel you need an extra boost of moisture, warm
some organic Face Balm into your palms and massage all over – it is deeply
moisturising for when your skin needs something a bit heavier)

Look for products that
contain Jojoba Oil.  It moisturizes
dry skin exceptionally well, due to its unique similarity to the skin’s natural oil.  It’s often been
referred to as ‘nature’s collagen’

Try and use natural/organic oils as they are easily
absorbed deep into your skin where you need it the most

Thank you so much Sue xXx! The Bath & Body oil is definitely on my list of products to get!

Here’s what Indie Lee had to suggest:

  • While the weather is getting cooler you still need to hydrate. We often forget to drink as much water as the winter approaches.
  • Your skin renews itself every 28 days – Don’t forget to exfoliate with a natural body scrub once a week in the shower to remove dead cells and keep your skin glowing.
  • Body oils are wonderful to hydrate your skin during winter months. Remember to read your labels though. Petrolatum based oils are occlusive and therefore do not penetrate (or hydrate) your skin. Here’s an easy body oil recipe that’s great for massages too. You can use your favorite essential oils to change the scent. http://vimeo.com/15528732
  • Thank you Indie xXx

    I definitely agree with Indie Lee and Sue Rowan about using oils, I’ve always been a big fan of using oils to moisturise the body.
    I love adding a few drops of esssentail oil to my bath water – lavendar is my favourite for when I want to unwind. Eucaluptus oil is great during the winter months as it is a natural decongestive.

    What are your favourite oils?
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    The Glam Green Girl


    • Sue Rowan

      Thanks GGG. Lovely post! And thanks Indie Lee…that water part is so true. We don't hydrate as much in winter, and I think that's half the reason why we have drier skin! So vital to keep up with your standard 2 litres, or whatever amount works for you.

      Skincare happens on the inside as well…so adding Omega 3,6,9 oils to your diet or supplement routine is a good idea too 🙂


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